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Thread: All sold: Push dagger and Japanese Style Shiv. (sold)

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    Default All sold: Push dagger and Japanese Style Shiv. (sold)

    All sold: Parkerized Aluminum push dagger. Comes with heavy Kydex horizontal sheath by KMFJ LLC at kmfjmil.com. Very ergonomic, feels great in the hand. $48 sold. shipped, USA, PayPal.

    Sold: Japanese Style Shiv. Technically, it's an MEF1 made by Ecos knives in the Philippines, See pics. Built like a tank, could survive pry bar duties.
    Came heavily lubricated, so suspect O1 or other non-stainless steel. Very sharp. Nice cord wrap. with Kydex. Sold shipped, USA, PayPal.
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    Seems like a Surefire type of night..

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