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Thread: Question: Commercial Corner > Manufacturers > Imalent > Banned?

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    Default Question: Commercial Corner > Manufacturers > Imalent > Banned?

    Question: Imalent section in Commercial Corner > Manufacturers.

    Imalent section is on line and functional, but its main protagonist is Banned?

    Some new lights are too exciting for each new post to go in the already pre-existing topic thread, but of course they should go in the proper subsection.
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    Default Re: Question: Commercial Corner > Manufacturers > Imalent > Banned?

    The purpose of the Manufacturer sub-forums is to give the advertiser a dedicated forum where no others can compete with them and they are free to post any and all advertising for their company. When a manufacturer purchases an advertising package they agree to THESE TERMS. Imalent has been consistently violating those terms for a few months now. They have also been very kindly reminded of the terms through PM and email and responded they understood. Yet... they keep doing it. I have banned the account with a note for them to contact me by email to have the ban lifted. There is also THIS PART IN RED that they agreed to.

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