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Thread: FS: Vintage Intratec 8 AA Flashlight (Cousin to Grendel Grendelite?)

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    Default FS: Vintage Intratec 8 AA Flashlight (Cousin to Grendel Grendelite?)

    Hello all, I've been a CPF Member for a good while, but not a prolific poster. I have an older flashlight that I am offering here to those of you that might appreciate it. I would prefer PayPal G&S as payment, but USPS Money Order is fine as well. I will ship ConUS only and that price is included in the asking price.

    - 2D Cell Bianchi Super B-Lite, the later type with the red push button switch, as mint in box with paperwork, tested, works, has spare bulb in tailcap. 80's vintage, I think. I have withdrawn this for sale at CPF, it is now listed on an auction site.

    - 8 AA Cell by Intratec which was a firearms manufacturer in Miami, FL that went under in 2001. Browsing the ABTOMAT police Light thread led me to see the Grendel Grendelite, which looking at this Intratec, seems to bear much more than a passing resemblance to the Grendelite concept, although it's plastic body and only a single level on/off switch would seem to indicate a less expensive version. It works, I've used it around my desk for years, it's contacts and rotating switch are simple but a touch finicky, but as you can see, it is operational and pretty bright for an incandescent. Might fill a hole in your "last century" flashlight collection? Asking $40, > $35, shipped ConUS

    Thank you for looking, PM with any questions, all CPF rules apply. I am on eBay as OMCHamlin, so please view my feedback there.
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    Default Re: FS: Couple of Collectible Flashlights

    WHOA! Calling ABTOMAT and Bykfixer! These are classics!

    If I may suggest, put the light names in the post title. Might give you more visability.

    Awesome lights, GLWS!
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