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    Hi everyone, so I have had trouble with my H2R now since new. They finally sent me a new battery, thinking it may be faulty. However it still has problems and I am thinking of returning it for repair. I have found Olight to want to help, but they are really slow. I am in Canada and an wondering how long this process will take as I may have to purchase another brand headlight while I'm waiting for this one to return.
    Next headlight will likely be a Fenix H61R.

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    Well after some wait, I have good news, Olight is sending me a new H2R. Service has been slow but they are wanting to help. Thumbs up for that. I guess since I have multiple flashlights, I should have multiple quality headlights too.

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    happy for you . it is good that they gave you a new one . I think to buy a Fenix H61R too , may be will come back with a review

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    I did notice that the new light is a bit dimmer than the old one, the tint is different, less cool. The switch has a different feel as well. Was surprised of the quality control.

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