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Thread: Olight S1A replacement

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    Default Olight S1A replacement

    I am looking for a flashlight that is a dual fuel AA or 14500. With the following functionality, a moon light mode around .5 lumens, low around 6, med around 50 and a high around 250. Itís important that the 4 levels are the same or at least close regardless if running on a NiMh AA or a 14500. Very desirable would be a turbo mode when using a 14500 at about 600 lumens thatís not available when using a AA. A magnetic tail cap is a big plus as well as a reversible clip. All of that with a NW emitter would be perfect.

    The Olight S1A was just right but they donít make them anymore. Iím hoping someone knows of a good alternative.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Olight S1A replacement

    The 'EAGTAC D25A Clicky MKII' comes close to meeting your requirements.

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