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Thread: Thunderstorm prep

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    They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, right?

    Back in the late 80's while at a drive in movie a storm came up and was raising cain. Lightning hit the concession stand a few parking spots away from where I was. POW!! Holy crap that was close. I was driving. The passengers were freaking out. "Let's go" and all that. I said "pfft, lightning never hits the same pl POW!!" ……Uh, nuff said. We got out of that place fast. lol. Did it hit the exact same place a second time? Got me. But it sure was close enough for me.

    They say lightning begins at the ground and moves up. One year Mrs Fixer and I were filming lightning at 30 frames per second. We were under a porch using and alluminum tripod to hold the camera still. The idea was to capture screens shots of lightning bolts. While checking the 'movie' frame by frame we kept noticing what looked like electricity on the screen. Turns out we were standing near lighning seeds. Next day when looking at the ground near where the tripod was were all these little raised ant hill looking spots with no ants. It was awesome but scarey too.

    My old laptop does not speak to my new iPhone so it'll be a bit, but I have a photo saved of a lightning seed and the bolt it spawned I will post here shortly……brb

    Never could get the iPhone 8 to talk to Windows 10 so I just took a photo of the computer screen.

    The lightning seed pic.
    Check out how freaking close static electricity was leaving the ground to where we were standing.
    This is a pic of a 2018 computer screen.

    The lightning bolt pic.
    We got a few nice pix out of it. This is a pic of the computer screen I used back in about 2006. It is being viewed on the 2018 screen so since the two OS systems would not talk without an internet connection or aftermarket apps I just took a photo of a picture on a computer of a picture on a computer screen.

    None of my photo storage units are hooked to the internet. No viruses, malware or any of that stuff to take out my photos.

    As thunderstorm prep my photo storing devices stay unplugged from the wall until I go to use them year round. Ice storms, hurricanes and thunderstorms can result in power surges so I just keep some things in the house unplugged until I go to use them.
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    i have no idea how im not dead i as said before go right out into the storms walk out and watch them. ive seen some crazy ones in florida and here in georgia.
    LED's have gotten too bright in our stuff. Many nights I'm awakened by my modem lights blinking.had help with my sig thank you for your help.

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    and lighting does hit the same Place twice it stuck the rain gutter above me twice in my teens
    LED's have gotten too bright in our stuff. Many nights I'm awakened by my modem lights blinking.had help with my sig thank you for your help.

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    Lightnings do strike one place multiple times if it collects enough potential. This is how lightning conductors work.

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    Let's say that lightning strikes a lightning rod on a tall building, and the strike produces a layer of oxidation on the metal rod that acts as an insulator. The dielectric strength of that oxide layer would be so tiny compared to the charge potential of a subsequent strike that there would be nothing to prevent it from happening again and again. So I see no reason why lightning would be prevented from striking twice in exactly the same spot.

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