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Thread: Review: Manker E05 (1xAA-14500, Osram KW Emitter, EDC)

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    Default Review: Manker E05 (1xAA-14500, Osram KW Emitter, EDC)

    I received the Manker E05 from manker for the review

    The E05 is a compact EDC, it features an OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG emitter powered by an AA/14500 battery.

    The E05 comes in this nice metal box.

    Inside: the E05, clip, spare o-rings, lanyard.

    The E05 has a cylindrical design, with some knurling on the tailcap and the body. The light measures 93 mm in length, by 20 mm in diameter. The weight is 37 grams, without battery.

    The very small OSRAM emitter, in a OP reflector

    The tailcap is U shaped, and allows for a very wobbly tailstand (since the switch rubber cover protrudes quite a bit) and easy access to the mechanical forward switch.

    The only part you can take apart in the E05 is the tailcap, with anodised square cut threads.

    The contact points inside the E05. At the positive pole there is a physical polarity inversion protection mechanism, that allows only button top cells to operate.

    The only point of control of the light is the mechanical forward switch, that allows momentary activation.
    The light has 4 modes: low, medium, high, and strobe; in loop. So press slightly the switch, let it go and press it again slightly to cycle through the modes, when you reach the one desired, press fully the switch.
    The light has memory for the last used mode.

    Beamshots at 0.5 meters

    Despite having such a small Orange Peel reflector, the E05 manages to achieve a good amount of focalisation of the beam, thanks to the very small OSRAM emitter.

    Output and runtime
    I tried with some of the protected 14500 cells that I own, but they are too long and do not allow the tailcap to be screwed down fully, and so the light doesn’t work. So I could only test it with some Nimh batteries: AmazonBasics AA 2000mAh (close enough to be considered a regular Eneloop) and Eneloop PRO AA 2500mAh.

    The difference in output between the 2 batteries are within the error of the testing, so they might be identical values in reality.

    My thoughts
    The light is well built and finished.
    I like the box it comes in it, makes a good impression for a gift.
    I do not like the interface with the strobe mode I have to cycle through almost every time when changing brightness to a lower one.
    The regulation is flat on the tested levels.
    I always like very dim low modes… but on a light with only 3 modes, the low mode is too dim. When I turn it on at low mode during the day, I have a very hard time understanding if it is on or the battery is empty and the light hasn’t turned on. I would have rather have a 5-10 lumen mode, instead of the 0.5 one.

    Thanks to: AntoLed, Won, Zampa.
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    Default Re: Review: Manker E05 (1xAA-14500, Osram KW Emitter, EDC)

    Sounds like 4 modes would be better. 150/60/12/.1 A beacon would be a better option on a small light like that rather than a strobe. Nice looking light though.
    Tint, schmint! as long as the thing lights up, I'm happy!

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    Default Re: Review: Manker E05 (1xAA-14500, Osram KW Emitter, EDC)

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