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Thread: Knives vs Flashlights

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    Default Knives vs Flashlights

    Like many here, I am an enthusiast of nice knives and nice flashlights. I have enough of both that I certainly don't "need" anymore, but I still enjoy reading about, buying, and testing new ones.

    I go back and forth between which hobby I focus on collecting. And by collecting I don't mean just putting things on shelves. I put everything to use (or sell it) but I still consider it to be collecting since I own more than I need. Anywho each one has its advantages and disadvantages as a hobby.

    Pros of flashlights:
    Fun LEGO and modding opportunities
    Easier to take places since nobody restricts flahslights
    Require less maintainence than carbon steel or natural handled knives. Roughly similar to stainless/synthetic knives though
    Less likely to seem "scary" to people
    People love you when the power goes out

    Pros of knives:
    More future-proof. A good knife will never become obsolete.
    Knives have been around longer so there's more history to the design patterns
    Lots of custom makers out there so it is easier to find one-off unique pieces or have something made to your specifications ($$$ though)
    More international. There are custom knifemakers all over the world and many countries have their own unique style of blades.
    Larger collecting community

    What do y'all think?
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    Default Re: Knives vs Flashlights

    I love both and do enjoy collecting both, which can get pretty expensive.

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    Default Re: Knives vs Flashlights

    I think you have listed some good observations.

    Though I have been asked more than once why I carry either a knife or flashlight, no one has been even startled by my use of a flashlight.
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    Default Re: Knives vs Flashlights

    Great observations. There are likely other similar crossover hobbies as well.

    Like you I don’t consider myself a “collector” per se because I use everything. Even if it is a sprint run or custom knife . Certainly have more than I need of either flashlights or knives.

    I think you become a collector when you have more than a couple of anything and people seemed surprised by what they cost.

    No one is surprised if you whip out a Swiss Army knife. But you whip out something else, say like a sprint run Spyderco in M4 steel, and someone says, “ oh that’s interesting...” and then they want to know “what something like that costs.” Then they think you are crazy for not just buying a cheap folder from Home Depot like they did.

    Certainly knives have a longer history and are one of the oldest tools. However flashlights are one of the greatest more modern inventions. Kinda like a cigarette lighter.

    Take something everyone experiences and needs, and package it into a small portable self-contained unit to the point it is ubiquitous.

    Both are great and I’m rambling.


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    Default Re: Knives vs Flashlights

    Quote Originally Posted by LedTed View Post
    I think you have listed some good observations.

    Though I have been asked more than once why I carry either a knife or flashlight, no one has been even startled by my use of a flashlight.
    It is so strange how many people have asked why I carry a knife or a flashlight, but then some of those same people have asked to borrow one or the other when they needed one.

    I have had someone startled by my flashlight but it was intentional. One of my nephews thought it would be funny to shine a cheap old flashlight directly at me. I showed him how mine was brighter than his, but was kind enough not to shine it at him.

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    Default Re: Knives vs Flashlights

    I've got modest collections of interesting knives and flashlights, but I view them more as tools, than perhaps 'works of art,' which many are.

    SwissChamp on my belt and whatever lipstick light I've been neglecting.

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    Default Re: Knives vs Flashlights

    I love torches and knives with passion. Everyone knows I'm insane. Sometimes I startle myself when I use an HDS to illuminate a cut made by a Hinderer knife, only to decide that it's not quite the right tool, so I bypass the CRK in my other pocket and go straight for the GEC wharncliffe. My trouble of late has been sharpening equipment. It began with the basic KME package, then included all the accessories. Now I'm into the Tormek and all the damned wheels. I keep thinking I'm finished, but my wife says with resignation that "it will never end."
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