I have a handheld solar battery bank that I'm having an issue with. It's a pjm solar battery bank. I was hoping to post some photos, but this is my first post and I don't have clearance yet. The battery looks like a lithium polymer. The markings are JHN464051A, possibly 1400mah, but the second number is missing, IH25PSO. It measures 1 1/2" × 2" , 1/4" thick. One odd thing is the negative is within an insulated strip on top, and the positive is on the bottom and electrically connected to the metal case.

The circuit board is marked SBC-03-A-V5. Also SBC-031 On the other corner. The only port is a mini SUB, and a white LED on the other side.

The main thing I would like to find out is the definite makeup of the battery, voltage mainly. Plus if anyone is familiar with this circuit or device at all.

Maybe I can post some photos soon.

Thanks, KG