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Thread: High Quality Waterproof Match Cases?

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    Default High Quality Waterproof Match Cases?

    I have been looking for a while for a waterproof match case, the orange plastic ones. I have one I think I got at a military surplus store that has a white rubber seal instead of a black one. That case is 10x higher quality than the 99˘ ones I find on Amazon and in local stores. The threads are tight and sturdy, the plastic is thicker and stronger. I have carried it in my pocket daily for at least four years. To this day the threads and seal are perfectly smooth with no wiggle. It has survived several drops without cracking either.

    As compared to the cheaper ones that have clear mold marks, and the threads are so loose that they strip out, not to mention the awful seal.

    (lower quality "walmart" on the left, higher quality military surplus on the right)

    It came with a signal mirror in the cap, which I covered in some foam, and a flint striker which fell off. I don't care though as I only use it to store a spare 18650 battery.

    Anyone know where I can buy these better ones?

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    Might try UCO gear. Pretty good quality. Never thought of using them for batteries. Might have too search for mine.

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    From cheap waterproof match case can recomend KLYNGTSK 3 PCS Pill Case Keychain

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