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    So, anyone got their hands on one of these yet? Curious as to if a review or walk through has been done yet. Looks like it could be a promising headlamp based off of what I have read so far. TIA.

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    Wow, Either nobody really knows anything about this light,(which I find very hard to believe), or its a p.o.s. and no one has anything nice to say about. I have always found out about new lights here way before any other entity knew about them. I am always able to make good buying decisions based off all of the excellent reviews and new box openings of new lights. The HU60 has my interest as has a lot of neat features that I could find myself using. They may work wonderful, or, they may be not near as good functionality wise as they sound on paper. Anyway. I thoroughly enjoy all of the reviews and help provided on this forum. I hope someone knows something about this new headlamp as it looks promising. Thanks again.

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