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Thread: Buy/lego my first E-series light

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    Default Buy/lego my first E-series light

    Hi everyone, I am new to the CPF and impressed by the E-series lego builds here.
    I have SF G2, G2XMV and Titan A, and would like to buy/lego my first E-series (1cell) for EDC.
    After looking into the current production E-series lights, just can't find the perfect setup for me.
    I prefer the beam pattern of the EDCL1T with Z52 tailcap but clicky seems not working with low mode on the 1T?
    Should I buy a E1B MV as base and change aftermarket LED head? Or should I build one from aftermarket parts?

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    Default Re: Buy/lego my first E-series light

    Just to put sand into your oyster, if it were me...
    I'd get a body from Richard at RPM, he has a sales thread on here. A tail from Lumens Factory and a head from either Malkoff (reflectored) or from Oveready Triple Optic. That would be a serious light.
    "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" He chortled in his joy.

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    Default Re: Buy/lego my first E-series light

    Hi Peter, thanks for your reply.
    The RPM Ti bodies and tailcaps look great! I hope they will have a 2way clip.
    Malkoff and oveready heads seem only support 2xCR123 or 1X3.7v rechargeable, I prefer capability to use 1XCR123.
    I like the Lumens factory SF style LED heads, use cr123/16340 and have 3 modes.

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