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Thread: Spotlight under $60

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    Default Spotlight under $60

    I'm looking for something I can use to look for deer, ideally that in conjunction with my binoculars would let me see deer at least a quarter mile away, and would like to stay under $60. I would prefer something battery powered but would consider something that runs off my car's 12V adapter. I'm aware of the Brinkmann 12V spotlight, but wondered what else is out there that's worth buying.

    For anyone concerned, this is legal for 2 hours after sunset where I am.

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    Default Re: Spotlight under $60

    Streamlight Waypoint. The 4 c cell model is a little over 40 bucks and is one of the most popular and well accepted in that price range. Throw is listed at 625 meters and is probably useful to 400 meters. It has a 5 degree beam which is kind of narrow but is an advantage if you operate in a hazy environment.

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