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Thread: Maglite Pro Plus or ...?

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    Looking online at the Maglite 2xAA Pro Plus and Black, I'm seeing a lot of different specifications. Is the Maglite Pro Plus a good double AA cell LED light? I specifically want something of reasonable beam and overall construction quality for $30~$50. I need enough fill to be useful for walking in a dark parking lot on a moonless night with enough hot spot to hopefully dazzle someone if I need to get away from them.

    I'm not really interested in a ~$300 SureFire or ~$350 Modlite but, if there is a real difference for a light a bit above $50 I'm interested.


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    The Pro Plus is good, but if you don't mind a chunkier light, the 2C ML25 is better....more throw, better beam pattern and brighter (don't let the lower lumens fool you – look at the cd which is more important than lumens). The ML25 is a twisty just like the Mini Mags and works the same way. The latest 192 lumen two mode 2C has a low mode much like the Pro Plus except that is activated by a quick double twist of the head instead of pointing the light straight down while twisting on as with the Pro Plus.

    The ML25 can be run on AA Eneloops or even protected 18650's or 21700's in adapters.

    If you do go with the Pro Plus, I would get the older 281 lumen version rather than the current 351 lumen version which has a very bluish tint.

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    Maglite products are very reliable so long as their alkaline fuel sources don't leak. If you choose a Maglite product it is best to fuel it with a lithium battery or rechargeable like eneloops that have a very similar to alkaline voltage output.
    Hard to go wrong with a Maglite product. I like the ML25 over the Pro Plus minimag because the minimag is more of a wide angled beam, which is great for lighting up a dark garage or den in power outage. The ML25 is more suited for lighting up the distance and seeing is believing how well it does that without a lot of lumens. So for dazzling the eyeballs at the downstream end of the beam the ML25 is better suited to dazzle theirs without dazzling yours.

    But still the minimag Pro Plus is a nice flashlight.
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    Thanks! The beam pattern info is super helpful too.

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    The ML25 has a outstanding beam pattern – a big spill so you can see what's around you up close without being too bright, with a super intense hot spot for distance. The Mini Mag Pro's have a brighter but much smaller spill which gives more of a tunnel view with a large but not so intense hot spot – about as good as can be expected for it's LED and reflector size, but with it's larger reflector and smaller, lower lumen LED, the ML25 blows it away. Maglite really got the beam pattern dialed in with the ML25.
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    Yup, the spill keeps you from tripping over cracks in a sidewalk or tree roots while being gentle enough to allow your peripherals (ie adapted night vision) to remain largely intact very much like those 6D Maglites of yesteryear. The 177 lumen was outstanding but the new one is even better with much better run time than the 177 model.

    If you want a portable thrower the 100 lumen minimag aaa is a good matchup with the ML25. Plus it's like carrying a nice inkpen pocket-carry-wise.
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    The AAA LED Mini Mag has a nice spill almost as big as the ML25's, though the hot spot is not as intense. It's a great little light out to about 100 ft/30M – very light and compact.

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    I purchased a bunch of maglite pro plus lights for around $12 each on the maglite website, not sure if black was a color option on sale. The Ml 25s are also excellent i purchased a few sets at home depot a few years ago on sale for $20 for a set of 2. Cant go wrong with either but as stated above they are for different applications.

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