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Thread: 4/3a nimh still in use?

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    Default 4/3a nimh still in use?

    Saw some old threads here where people use the 4/3a battery to run aa lights and Malkoff’s old M30 module. At 4000mah you could get some serious run times, but with eneloop pros now at 2500 and lithium aa’s now at 3000, is it even worth trying? An intriguing part is its size at 17650 or 18650 which make it usable in many set ups. Any comments before I buy another battery size would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: 4/3a nimh still in use?

    I know some bike lights used to use 4/3a. I think you see the writing on the wall. Development is taking place in the aa/18650 sizes.

    I think those have topped out though. I have not seen significant capacity increases in years though.
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    4/3A has diameter of 17mm and 4/3AF has diameter of 18mm. F stands for fat.
    An 18650 with 12950mWh is almost same physical size of 3/4AF with 4800mWh. So why step down for high self discharge NiMH?
    By the way, you may see 7/5AF instead of 3/4AF. They both are same.

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