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    To all you more knowledgeable folk out there.

    after having a LED lenser H7R.2 which broke was replaced under warranty and then broke again i changed allegiance and went with a Fenix HP30R.

    This broke after a few months (not charging) and was replaced under warranty and here i am again with this not charging.

    When plugged in it seems to charge in seconds then when i connect the lamp and try its dead. the batteries seem fine when tested.

    can anyone recommend a decent head torch that will actually last longer than 15 months. of very light - medium usage.

    I like fairly good light with medium run time. Ideally 18650 as i know have 2 spare batteries from the Fenix to use.

    after spending £200+ on the last 2 headtorches so far im not impressed with lenser or Fenix.


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    Lucifer lights. Their S model which is shown on the web site would fit the bill HOWEVER it is no longer in production and being replaced by a new and better version which should be available end of Julyish. These guys really know their stuff and for what I want and need (mountain running) itís the best Iíve found that uses 18650 batteries. Got a problem they can service everything as well.

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    I had a similar problem with my 10 year old boat battery. It showed full charge but was useless. Sulfated battery I think it was. I hope my Fenix PD 36R lasts longer than my first Olight H2R did. The place where I got the Fenix from said replacements were quick and painless from them. Olight has great customer service if you can get past the 25 emails and several months wait. ( at least up here in Canada)

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    Hi Cow, I have both a Spikelight and a Lucifer. Both are excellent lights in every way. The Lucifer is probably the 'better' real world headlamp (the Spikelight just being a tad specialised for my needs). The point of this response is that my brother has worked for many years in extremely remote communities in outback Australia doing land management work. He uses a headlamp for several hours every night, working in the field or running the camp. He has for years relied on Nitecore and LEDLenser lights, believing them to be the best available. He has broken them all! Or put another way, they have all failed him in one way or another. I bought him a single-LED 18650 Lucifer and he's thrilled - reliable, perfectly adequate bright light, easy adjustment, outstanding quality, excellent run times etc etc etc. Recommended!

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    First off, welcome to the forum, Cowmookazi.

    I just wanted to chime in with a different light for you to check out. Zebralight. They offer a large selection of headlamps, with 3 basic beam patterns, pure flood (no reflector), flood with a bit of center spot for reach (reflector with frosted glass), and regular beam (reflector with clear glass), along with options for warm, neutral, or cool tinted LEDs.

    They are extremely well built, with fully potted electronics, and offer a unique user interface that allows the user to quickly and easily select between 10-11 different light levels (depending on the model), from very low moonlight to full tilt blazing daylight. Now, this interface can take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, many folks don't want to use anything else.

    One issue some folks have, is that some of the new ZL models need fairly specific batteries, meaning some batteries are too long. Also, some of the models with extremely high output capability require a High Drain 18650, with is a battery capable of providing current very quickly to power the high output LED. However, anytime I purchase one of their lights, I simply add the battery they recommend to my order (usually about $6 extra) and they ship it with the battery inside.

    Anyway, they offer a 30 day refund if your not happy with it, along with a one year warranty.

    By the way, the model I have is the H600Fd Mk IV, which is their most recent 18650 light that has a high CRI LED (good color rendering) rated at approx 5000 Kelvin color temp (about like mid day sunlight), and it has the reflector with a frosted lens, so a medium floody beam. An excellent around camp or on the trail headlamp, as well as working around the house, etc. The battery I use, which can be found at the bottom of the page, is: Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh 10A 18650 Li-ion Flat Top (ship to US customers only).

    If you prefer more of warm tint, you'd go for the H600Fc Mk IV. The "c" denotes a color temp of 4000K, so warmer that the 5000K "d" model.
    If you prefer a beam with more of a center spot, you'd go for the H600 series (no F), then simply pick either the 4000k or 5000k LED.
    If you wanted PURE FLOOD (no hotspot), not good for distance, but great for closeup, you'd go for the H604 series, then pick your LED preference.

    Anyway, good luck with your search for a reliable headlamp : )

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