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    Mrs Fixer wanted a camera to go snorkeling with and everywhere said "go pro go Pro". I thought "isn't that those little movie cameras extreme atheletes use"?

    Turns out they actually make pretty good little photo cameras that double as movie cameras. She took the plunge with a Hero 8. Let the fun begin.

    Anybody else use Go Pro cameras?
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    I have used them for underwater and mountain top adventures. Great little cameras with a lot of features packed in.

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    portable camera tech has got so good! i have a google pixel 3 a it blows me away how is does in the dark. so id bet go pros are even better
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    I use them for this.

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    Iíve got 3 older go pros.

    I use suction cup mounts and put them on roof of the car, forward and both sides, and drive through national parks.

    Also use helmet mounts for skiing and kiteboarding.

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    I've had a couple of action cameras in the past. I never liked the fish eye on any of them. I found a Hero 8 on sale over the summer and picked it up. The video quality is excellent and you can adjust the viewing angle away from the fish eye.

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