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    Last year, at the beginning of March 2019, we went down to Concord to take delivery of a new Tacoma. In the year, I put over 35K miles on it. That was a good day, yet also a sad day.

    At some point, while taking keys out of my pocket, putting keys back in, taking out my wallet, whatever, my favorite EDC light - a brass DQG Fairy, with two tritium vials in the tail - disappeared. My assumption was that it fell out into the snow of the dealership parking lot. I even went back the next day and looked around briefly.

    Of course, I ordered a replacement. Now that itís July - well over a year later - the replacement has a attained a decent patina. Hereís a picture:

    And another:

    Yesterday, my son and I were mowing the lawn. While I was backing the mower up into the garage, I happened to look down, and what did I see half-buried in the dirt driveway? The original Fairy Iíd thought long lost!

    I brought it in, ditched the battery, scraped the terminals inside and the threads, put in a new battery, and look! It works!

    Itís the one on the left, BTW. Amazing! Sitting in my dirt driveway for well over a year, definitely driven over, with road salt and snow, rain, snow blower, whatever else.

    One of the tritium vials also still shines:

    Again, itís the one on the left.

    I guess itís a testimony to Mr. DQG and that tiny little capsule of brass. Nice work.

    And talk about a patina!

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: DQG Fairy story

    Fun to read the long-lost, then found stories! Congrats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BVH View Post
    Fun to read the long-lost, then found stories! Congrats!

    I agree, fun read. Thanks for sharing! ...

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    So cool that it was found and still works.

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    Default Re: DQG Fairy story

    How great! So glad you posted this. Almost had tears of joy. When will the movie come out?
    Seriously though, thanks for showing the patina especially.

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