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    I have a dead Tain Borealis twisty (which is basically the same as the Flute but with a different knurl pattern). It's basically never been used except to turn on and off, and when I came to try and turn it on after it being sat unused for about a year, it wouldn't.

    I tried the usual things. I tried a new battery and it came on briefly, and then died again. Then I took out the pill, had a look at it for obvious issues, there weren't any, screwed it back in and it worked! No issues, both brightness modes were fine, I turned it on and off a few times and assumed it was fixed (without really knowing why). However, this morning, dead again.

    Anyone any ideas? There's not much that can go wrong with a twisty, surely? I have emailed Tain, but have not got a reply (in the past he's replied within a couple of days). Hope he's ok.

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    Leave the battery in and wait 24 hours to see if it works. I have lights with capacitors that need to be charged if left for too long unused and a 24 hour sleep with a battery in it brings it back
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    Really?? Thatís a thing? Did not know that.
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    Well the capacitor idea didn't work. Anyone got any other suggestions?

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