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Thread: Most powerfull LED under 50mAh +/-5mAh

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    Evilgrin07 Most powerfull LED under 50mAh +/-5mAh


    I am searching:

    1. Best performance LED around 45 to 55mAh.
    2. Best performance LED under 100mAh.

    High CRI is benefit but not necessary.

    Yes i was searching but i wanna hear what you think. I think its complicated question ( i am noob so maybe its relative).

    Yes i know its VERY LOW light but i want it no matter what who say. I am already runing one led on very low amps and its close to my needs. I just wanna made experiment with something more powerfull to see if it will be ok or too much...

    Thank you for help...

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    Default Re: Most powerfull LED under 50mAh +/-5mAh

    Welcome here, 666nm!

    What you probably meant is current (mA), not mAh. The latter is a measure of (battery) capacity, often (ab)used as a measure of energy. Not power (which is energy per unit of time). And more exactly you're probably meaning a mWatt figure, with the mA figure implying some common / 'fixed' voltage drop, like ~3V across most white (?) LEDs.

    Assuming that's what you meant, and assuming you're talking white LEDs, that would translate into highest-output LEDs at around ~150 and ~300 mW power levels. Which has an easy answer: any reasonably modern LED, which:
    • Has a high figure for lumens/Watt (lm/W). If I'm not mistaken, commercially available white LEDs top out at ~200 lm/W these days.
    • Can handle that 150 or 300 mW. Easy...
    • Is mounted / cooled in such a way, that at those power levels it wouldn't heat up very much (high temperature lowers most LEDs' efficiency)

    Would you want this to be a LED whose light is easy to focus with an optic (read: relatively small, with high surface brightness). Or is a flat / large / low(er) surface brightness, but efficient LED also fine? In other words: you need a beam, or a widely dispersed flood of light? And what % of efficiency are you willing to drop, in order to obtain nice tint and/or high CRI? Usually the higher lm/W figures come from LEDs with cooler tints (>6000K), and high CRI usually comes with warmer tints (<5000K).

    Note that this can translate into LEDs targeted at very different power outputs! For example a 1W and a 20W rated LED going toe-to-toe. As long as they have a similar lm/W rating, then with same input power they should produce similar # of lumens. Meaning: with the best commercial LEDs currently available (~200 lm/W), and 150 or 300 mW input power, you could expect in the order of 30 resp. 60 lumens output. Less if you want tints or CRI that please the eye...

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    Default Re: Most powerfull LED under 50mAh +/-5mAh

    What defines the performance? Lumen per /mah? What is the weight factor you give CRI? How about lifetime?
    How about your provide this information first.

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