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Thread: Cheers to LiftdT4R

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    Default Cheers to LiftdT4R

    Jason just sold me a killer Malkoff Maglite drop-in. We went back and forth and he went out of his way to answer all my questions about the module, voltage, etc.

    He made me a great deal on it with some extras and shipped it immediately.

    LiftdT4R is an asset to the community!
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    Default Re: Cheers to LiftdT4R

    Good guy, that Lift'd fellow. And knows a thing or two about Maglites too.

    Yup, a staight up CPFr.
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    Default Re: Cheers to LiftdT4R

    Thanks much!! You guys are both excellent to wheel and deal with as well. Mr Fixer! I have some lights for you that I got in a lot. I've been hunkering down here lately but next time I go to the PO I'll get them out to you.

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