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Thread: NLD: Olight i5T EOS - ideal gift for the in-laws...

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    Default NLD: Olight i5T EOS - ideal gift for the in-laws...

    I scored an Olight i5T EOS and am playing with it before I hand it off to my father-in-law. He's somewhat techno-phobic, so 18650's, lithium-ion chargers and all that are out of the question. So are the "Press and hold, double-click, triple click" user interfaces. a solid starting brightness with a "click on and off for 300 lumens" is simple enough to remember.

    It has Olight's excellent build quality and deep 2-way deep pocket clip, and the i5T is light enough (2.3 oz / 66 grams) that you can clip it to a baseball cap for a headlamp. It would have been better if the lanyard hole was on the body instead of the pocket clip, but the clip is fairly hard to remove so it's fairly safe. The clicky switch means no tail stand, though the pocket clip means you just have to find something to clip it to. Note that the threads are machined so you can't lock the light out by partially unscrewing the tailcap - however the rear clicky is very solid so you won' t have the same risk of accidental activation as most other Olights have the soft-touch side switches.

    The initial brightness (15 lumens) is enough not to overpower night-adjusted eyes, but also enough to find things in the dark when your eyes aren't yet dark-adjusted. Click on and off quickly for 300 lumens (2 minutes) with enough throw to identify objects from about 20-25 feet. Beam shape is really close to the S1R and S2R Baton II Beam color is a neutral to warm white and could be a touch cooler in tone.

    I really love my Olight S1R Baton II as my EDC, but this is really the ideal gift for those whose prefer to keep thing simple and are resistant to reading instructions. Also, at this price I'm not going to think that it's a big deal if it gets lost or left behind somewhere.
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    Default Re: NLD: Olight i5T EOS - ideal gift for the in-laws...

    I recently got one of these for myself just on a whim and man it's really USEFUL....and quick into action. There IS something to a simple quick UI. And this is coming from someone who carries a Zebralight SC600w IV Plus daily.

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    Default Re: NLD: Olight i5T EOS - ideal gift for the in-laws...

    The i5T is definitely a great light for gifting. I have gifted the AAA i3T version already and it is a nice light itself. I also like the original CR123 M1T Raider version that is now unfortunately discontinued. Not quite as good for gifting as the common battery i5T and i3T but still has the same simple UI and of course more output.
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