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Thread: Old Wolf-Eyes lights resurrected to run G2 and G4 bulbs

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    Default Old Wolf-Eyes lights resurrected to run G2 and G4 bulbs

    Just thought that I share my achievement today.

    It was a long time coming, but by sheer luck I have found a small part from an old light (can't remember which one) which had the right thread configuration that it was ideal for my WE Lion 300 light.

    So, to cut this short, I managed to convert the Lion 300 to be able to use G4 bulbs such as the WA1111 on two cells with a dummy cell, (yet to make this) or as it is now with the WA 1185.

    Now I have completed three old WE lights to use bipin bulbs.

    The WE Eagle-2 with an extender (2x18650) set up to use the G2 bipin FM1794

    The WE Rattlesnake M90 with an extender (3x18650) set to use the G4 WA1185 or without the extender, WA1111

    The WE M300 Lion (3x18650) set to use again, the G4 WA1185 or 2x18650 and a dummy with the WA1111

    I will try and see if the later two will work with the G4 Philips 5761 and the FM 1909, as these lights do not have a soft start switch. I have high discharge batteries coming, so we will see what happens.

    All three lights have focusable heads so the beam is as good as in any other incan light with the same bulb.

    A picture of the three lights for those that don't know these models......
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    Default Re: Old Wolf-Eyes lights resurrected to run G2 and G4 bulbs

    Yes, these are great lights, but I managed to create a nice stash of spare bulbs for all these before they were obsolete...

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