Last several years my EDC has been a ZL SC600w IV Plus and I love it. This will continue to be my EDC. What I am thinking of doing is ADDING a secondary flashlight strictly for use with my defensive handgun. So for this I want something with a more old school UI - mainly momentary-full click. Ideally this would have either ONE mode or HIGH first and then no more than 3 levels at the most. I have two Hound Dog 18650s for around the house/farm but obviously the heads are two big for EDC. Also I did switch over to ONLY single-cell lights a long time ago and I wanna retain that. To summarize here is what I am after:

enough lumens to temporarily blind

simple butt-switch design with momentary and click to lock

prefer warm/neutral but could live with cool tint

single cell - 18650 or AA or CR123a

pocketable and MUST have a nice clip (bezel down)

head should be no larger than the head of my ZL

body should be 1 inch or smaller diameter

Models I am considering:

Malkoff MDC something (although stock here is almost ALWAYS a problem)

Armytek Partner C1 tactical (finding much info on this has been frustrating....never have found any pics or video talking about or even showing the clip installed)

SureFire E1B-MV Backup


I am open to looking at other models/brands.