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Thread: rechargeable 2-cell for SureFire 6P Classic

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    Default rechargeable 2-cell for SureFire 6P Classic

    Ordered a 2-cell SureFire rechargeable battery from B&H but when it arrived it was about 2mm too wide to insert into my very old 6P Classic. Is it a known issue or did I get a bad battery? It's the one that uses USB to recharge.

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    Default Re: rechargeable 2-cell for SureFire 6P Classic

    Unfortunately it is a known issue that you may have realized after doing a bit more research. I'm guessing you ordered a Surefire branded 18650 thinking it would fit in your very old 6P. Yes it is exactly 2mm wider...however there are single cell solutions that while they will work fine in your old 6P, they would work better with a replacement P60 LED drop-in.

    You should look for 16650 cells to use in your old 6P. You will need to get a charger unit as well. The one caveat to using a Li-Ion cell in your old light, assuming it is still an old incandescent, is that you have no protection for the cell itself unless it has it built in and in that case you won't be able to just run it until the cell is too low as the protection circuit will just cut power completely.
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    Default Re: rechargeable 2-cell for SureFire 6P Classic

    Just get a naked 4.35v naked 16650 Sanyo cell, a cheap Liitokala 100 USB charger and charge it up to 4.35 volts and see what you can see.

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    Default Re: rechargeable 2-cell for SureFire 6P Classic

    When I still had my 6P and G2, I used one of the Lumens Factory drop-ins with a 16650 cell. If you want to stay incandescent, I seem to remember LF also offering 3-4v incandescent drop-ins as well.
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