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Thread: Hello from New Hampshire

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    Default Hello from New Hampshire

    Having recently joined and still poking around, I just wanted to stop and say hello from Manchester, New Hampshire. I love living in NH, our state motto is Live Free or Die. Auto knives are legal and wacky tobacky is not. I'm 69 yrs old, retired for just over a year. I like flashlights, knives, guns, guitars, my truck, soft women and dogs. I love my dog more than anything else in the world. Going back to poking around to see what I can learn b4 I jump in with both feet.

    Currently have 2 Fenix and 1 Foursevens lights.


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    Default Re: Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome Chris!
    "There ain't no bones in a hotdog" F. York.

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    Default Re: Hello from New Hampshire

    Hello Manticore!

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    Thank you noboneshotdog and Roger Sully.
    I have learned an awful lot poking around and although I don't want flashlights to become a full blown addiction, I have found another light I find intriguing, Acebeam K30-GT.

    Heaven help me.


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