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Thread: Old Fenix Round tip diffuser for pak-lite

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    Default Old Fenix Round tip diffuser for pak-lite

    There's an old forum post from about 2013 where a user showed a picture of the standard round-tip fenix diffuser (white traffic wand style) fitted on a Pak-Lite. I was wondering specifically what diffuser it was? Thanks in advance....

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    Default Re: Old Fenix Round tip diffuser for pak-lite

    Your image doesn't display. Can you link the old forum post so we can see the picture?

    Back in 2013 I think there were only a couple of Fenix diffusers available:
    White diffusers: there was one for the LD10/LD20/PD30 (AD101-W) and one for the TK10/TK11/TK12 (AD102-W).
    The traffic wand (AD201) didn't have a rounded tip.

    At around that time Fenix also released a diffuser for the PD31/PD32 both in white and red (AOD-SOW and AOD-SOR).

    All the models above have been replaced by newer models, usually named AOD / AOT and available in different S, M, or L sizes.

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