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Thread: Bag for carrying Covid 19 Supplies

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    Default Bag for carrying Covid 19 Supplies

    (Not sure which forum to pick for this one since it's a combo of a Wish List item and does-this-exist question. Please do let me know if I should repost elsewhere.)

    As someone in an immunocompromised household, the need to be more careful about COVID-19 right now is very eminent. By necessity, I am THE person who has to do all the public supply runs, and to do so as carefully, strategically, and hygienically as possible.

    That need won't be letting up any time soon, so I need to come up with some new strategies. And as part of that, I am actually wishing I had a small bag in which to carry necessary hygiene/disinfecting supplies while on supply runs that I could wear around my neck that demands minimal handling/manipulation.

    What it would carry:

    • 1 small hand sanitizer (tends to vary slightly, but currently 4"h x 2"w x 1"d) OR travel pack of hand wipes (8"h (6.5"h with edges tucked under) x 3.3"w x 0.6"d)*
    • 1 travel pack Clorox wipes (6.75"h (4.6"h with edges tucked under) x 3.5"w x 0.5"d)
    • 1 disposable mask in plastic wrapping (9.5"h x 3.9"w but bag does NOT have to be tall enough to contain the mask entirely: I just need somewhere to keep it temporarily until it's planted on my face)
    • 1-2 pair(s) nitrile or plastic gloves

    *the hand wipes pack is the truly annoying anomaly of the bunch, and might just need to stick out of whatever solution is found until I can find smaller packs to carry around

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    Default Re: Bag for carrying Covid 19 Supplies

    Welcome to CPF. I Moved this to the Bags area.

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