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Thread: Replacement for sunwayman v20c

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    Default Replacement for sunwayman v20c

    Hi everyone

    I had a sunwayman v20c and absolutely loved it. I liked the design and size. But most of all I loved the rotator ring that let you adjust brightness from low to high.

    Any recommendations for a similar flashlight under $150 and preferably at a max of 500 lumens or below.


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    Default Re: Replacement for sunwayman v20c

    I hesitate to suggest something out-of-budget, but it is at least worth considering saving up for a (pre-owned) HDS Rotary ?
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    Default Re: Replacement for sunwayman v20c

    I mean, you didnít specify what kind of battery it should take, but the Jetbeam RRT01 has that same control ring interface, and goes up to 900Lm I believe. Worth looking into. I was just recommending that light to another user too, thats why I stopped by here. The world is small.

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