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Thread: From Los Angeles (never too late)

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    Hello. I think I might have a problem because I keep buying flashlights . Ever since Surefire hypnotized me (away from your typical Maglites) with blinding power, I've been hooked. Now, I just want to learn about modifications (I've been collecting spare parts and making Frankenlights for fun) and DIY projects mainly. I'll probably lurk a lot but I'm certain there'll be plenty for me to learn about. At least, share my addiction with other afflicted folk. Love the tactical applications with lights and lasers, but I'm too old and fat for that, so I live vicariously through other OAF people.

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    Welcome killslowly,
    Itís the first time I have seen a post count of 0
    You have a longer way to go
    Kata Ton Δaimona Eaytoy

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    Hello Sir!

    youíll also find there are many options to upgrade your existing SF lights without having to go too crazy.

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