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Thread: New member - long time viewer- Hello everyone - From Pennsylvania

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    Default New member - long time viewer- Hello everyone - From Pennsylvania

    Hello all. I've been a long-time visitor of this site. From my visits to the site over the years Iíve noticed that everyone in here (that I've seen so far) have been helpful toward each other. I've had what some people in my life referred to as a problem but from the time I was a boy I was always interested i flashlight. I kept them, collected them and wasn't afraid to put a good light back into rotation the moment something brighter, cooler, better. And most importantly I always had to have the brightest flashlight in the room. I became known as "the flashlight guy" and I could be walking by some guys working on one of the trucks and they would yell out HEY! we need a flashlight. It has become known and people don't ask if I had a flashlight, they just started asking for it or help. lol.

    When I was younger it was the newest brightest thing in the store but as I got older and into public safety, it became critical that I always have the best. The one thing anyone count on was I had something tough that wouldn't fail.

    I've always searched this forum first and made sure to read all the reviews and then weigh the pros and cons and make the purchase but I always felt better because I knew what i was getting, and I had the right level of expectations.
    There are some really incredibly talented members here. All the in-depth reviews, I think you would be hard pressed to do much better if in a scientific lab. So, I would like to start off thanking all the members. I wouldn't buy something anymore if there wasn't anyone on here talking about it

    I have a real love for flashlights. There are so many kinds and they are all different. I've even noticed that two identical unitsí side by side can vary slightly either color or beam pattern. I would probably say I am an amateur enthusiast. I am nowhere near as knowledgeable about everything on here or about light and electronics but I have always done my best to learn as much about everything related and so I would say Iím slightly more educated than the general guy with a key chain light that he carriers everywhere and now is only good maybe half a lumen.
    I carry a flashlight every day. I'm no longer shy about using it either. If Iím in home depot and I can see the bottom shelf I'll use my light, if I'm walking around or letting the dog out, I'm always shining a beam somewhere in a short burst. Just writing that it made me realize that my neighbors must think I'm totally nuts, it was worth a chuckle. I am always willing to learn anything and everything. I need to always be learning and especially things Iím interested.
    I hope anyone will correct me if I'm wrong on anything now or later. For a good while now Fenix has been my go-to. I've had a few minor failures or 4 or 6 go bad but I probably have 40-50 just Fenix lights. I am also really tough on them; they get dropped kicked unintentionally thrown but I do try and take care of them. For me, all of my lights are there to be used. I'm going to put it in my pocket next to a knife and it's going to get scratched but as long as the optic stays intact who cares. What that ends up meaning is that most of my lights are in a "used" condition.

    One last thing as I realize this is really long for anyone to have to read but I just received my Fenix TK30 (LEP). I'm impressed and I've been searching for something with that kind of distance but it's pretty much a light that will have its purpose but not as a primary EDC. It also seems fragile in terms of optics and lenses. It says IP68 but I think it could break if dropped from chest height. I might be wrong but I also think a scratch on the lens would affect the beam. Not a daily body carry but, in the bag, sure.
    Anyway, thanks guy and gals for helping me make the correct decision.

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    Default Re: New member - long time viewer- Hello everyone - From Pennsylvania

    Welcome aboard!

    There are a bunch of lens covers for cameras that work great on some of the bigger throwers like the KURVD. I need to get one for my Weltool W4. The Fenix may be able to take the more standard 1" flip-up covers, Surefire's old school FM24 may work as I have that on a few lights and love it. EagTac also has a bunch of different sized flip up covers for their lights. The TK30 is on my short list, I think that size format is great.

    I really like Fenix lights, I don't have too many of them but all that I have ever used are really solid.
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    Default Re: New member - long time viewer- Hello everyone - From Pennsylvania

    Hello there!!

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    Default Re: New member - long time viewer- Hello everyone - From Pennsylvania

    So, whereabouts in Pennsylvania are you located? My father's family is from Hazleton, and my mother's from Pottsville.

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    Good post!! Love it.

    My neighbors used to think "look out it's the cops" when I'd test a new light. Now they realize "oh it's that flashlight guy again" as their backyard gets lit by a beam throw test. Coworkers depend on celphones as a light source and wonder why that weird guy carries a flashlight everywhere.

    So you are not alone.

    Glass lenses don't readily scratch so they can with stand regular use well. And unless aimed at a wall while looking for flaws a few scratches on plastics should not be an issue while camping or fixing a flat tire. Some of us have scuffed lenses on lights with ugly beams. It reduces throw some but really cleans up the uglies in many cases. And a company called flashlight lens dot com sells replacement lenses in many sizes at good prices or will custom make them if you need one.

    Welcome aboard. You are among friends.
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    Default Re: New member - long time viewer- Hello everyone - From Pennsylvania

    We've been expecting you, QuantumLight. What took you so long? jk.

    I'm originally from Western PA, born in North Side of the burgh, raised in the airport area, really one generation removed from yinzer. But I prefer it in the pitch black nights of rural bay area Virginia. Quieter, less traffic, local girls have better drawl accents. But always, Go Pens!

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