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Thread: Upgrading an old Ranger Flashlight

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    Hello everyone, new here but Iíve been poking around online and havenít really been able to come up with any answers to my questions so Iím hoping I can find some help here. I recently bought an old ranger chrome flashlight, and I think itís pretty cool but Im a little underwhelmed by the light output. Im looking to upgrade it. Either with a much brighter incandescent light or a warm white or more yellow LED bulb.
    So I guess the questions I have, what would be the best way to go here? And recommendations on bulbs and parts to upgrade it. Iím ok with spending maybe $30 tops. Would this be reasonable? I would prefer if the switch still operates as intended (on/off/button for morse).

    Also bonus question, could I possibly turn it into more of a flood/area flashlight? What would that entail? Changing lens/reflectors?

    Anyways, thanks in advance for whatever advice you can give me, i hope im not being too obnoxious as the new guy here.

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    As far as I've done my research on this light right, is has a PR-base bulb. A-Ha! There are plenty of these around which are brighter than a standard bulb that will be in it right now. Just remove the head, then the bulb and read what's on it. Maybe it tells you a voltage and current, maybe just a PR XXX number. Then Google its specs.
    The one you will be wanting are either the Maglite MagNum Star II bulbs for 2-cell lights or a true halogen bulb of 2.8V / 0.85A.
    These ones:

    Just replace the bulb and you're nearly done. NEARLY indeed, because with standard alkaline batteries you will have bright output just very briefly... then voltage goes down and the light output will go down to 50% in just 10% of the life of the batteries!! To get a more consistent output, use NiMH rechargeable batteries of GOOD quality and the highest possible capacity (around 10Ah). At this moment, the Ansmann ones are the best I know:
    Don't let that 1.2V rating confure you: as said, alkalines will have that 1.5V just very short, then they go down quickly. NiMH will have around 1.24V all the way, shortly before they completely die, they will just retain that voltage, resulting in a very constant light output.
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    Ranger 2D, Tru Value and Burgess Lazer Lites were all made with a decent lens for the time, a plastic (very shiney) reflector and a fairly reliable switch. Burgess made lights are some of the best of that era. All mentioned were made by Burgess.

    So to upgrade to a more modern output you can purchase a 6x aa adapter that will cause it to put out 7.2 volts, which is equivilent to a 6 D flashlight. You can get the adapters at various places. Then go with a KPR 18 bulb (krypton PR18) for a 6D output. If you really want to get fancy measure the lens and go to flashlight lens dot com and get an ultra clear plastic lens. He also sells one called "acrylite" that is a lens with a difused coating to make the light have a nicer beam while still putting out as much throw.

    You can pick up Maglite 6 cell bulbs at eBay. One version is a PR base (like your Ranger has) with the other being a 2 pin type with a PR base adapter. The PR base can be either krypton type or xenon type where the 2 pin are xenon.

    You can get halogen too but they burn hot and may melt the reflector. You can also get 3.6 volt D sized cells too but they are kinda pricey.

    Any way you go with an upgraded light bulb figure about 100 lumens max. Anything brighter will probably melt the reflector.
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    Nite ize drop-ins are good if you want to go the LED route - these will run on 2 to 6 cells.

    If you want to keep it incan, a 3 cell Mag xenon PR bulb would be a big step up from the original vacuum bulb without melting anything. The old xenon PR Mag bulbs are getting hard to find, but I doubt the new bi-pin Mag set up will work as they are probably to long. To run the 3 cell bulb, a 26650 lithium ion in an adapter would work real well.

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    Are either the kpr 18 or night ize warmer color? I would like a more yellow light, but most bulbs donít seem to have the colr temperature on the descriptions

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    KPR18 is a light bulb that uses krypton gas. Hence the K.
    Want even more orange just use a PR bulb as they don't burn as white due to using argon gas. All incandecent light bulbs run pretty warm in color. Figure between 2700 and 3700 kelvin. Xenon and halogen the coolest in that order. Krypton and argon the warmest in that order. Halogen coolest, argon warmest.

    Nite Ize products are cool white LED's. I do not know of any warm LED "bulbs" with a PR base. Rayovac did have some but my sources all say sold out.
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    Understood. Thanks for the reply. As far as the aa>c adapter, I cannot find one that has 6 aa can i use two that hold 3 aa?

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    I tried the adapters and the kpr18 bulb and itís actually dimmer than the bulb in it. I do like how orange it is but itís just not very bright. I guess Iíll try another bulb yall have suggested 😅

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