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Thread: The light color of the flashlight

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    Default The light color of the flashlight

    Besides white light, the most common colors for flashlights are red, green, blue, and UV light. Here letís discuss the use of these different light colors.

    Red light:

    First, let's talk about the red light most used by outdoor enthusiasts.

    Compared with white light, human eyes are less sensitive to red light. Therefore, when you plan hiking or camping at night and do not want to affect your teammates, you can use red light. It is also good to be used in night sky watching.

    On the other hand, red light is the color light with the longest wavelength and has strong penetrating power. It is especially useful in haze and rainy days. Red is generally regarded as a warning color (signal for attention), so the red light is very useful in calling for help in the wilderness.

    Blue Light:

    Although the blue light has a short wavelength, it has special functions. Under blue light, blood stains will have a fluorescent reaction, and oil stains will turn into a darker black. Therefore, hunting enthusiasts use blue light flashlights to track blood stains of injured prey, and industrial workers can also use it for equipment inspection.

    Blue light is widely used in night fishing. First of all, the water surface under blue light is relatively soft. It is not easy to cause the reflected light to dazzle the eyes, which can reduce the disturbance of the fish. It can also make the fish float clearly visible. In addition, blue light will attrack some sport fish in saltwater.

    Green light:

    Green light is the most sensitive color for human eyes. Compared with blue light, red light, and UV light in the same lumens, green light feels the brightest. Therefore, when using low-brightness green light, the pupils will shrink slightly and become aimed. At this time, it is most accurate in watching something, so green light is very suitable for observing maps and fine documents.

    UV light:

    It is generally used in professional fields such as anti-counterfeiting, tracking, and authentication. In addition, UV lights are also the best equipment for catching scorpions. There is a fluorescent substance in the exoskeleton of scorpions that can emit blue-green light when excited by ultraviolet light. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the light they emit will become more obvious.

    Of course, flashlights with rich colors can also be used for light painting photography, that is, photographic works that use light painting as a creative means. Any light source can be used as a part of the imaging effect.

    What colors of lights does your flashlight have?

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    What about amber?

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    My Nitecore SRT7 has white, blue, red and green. And I have some P60 dropins in blue, red and green, which are in an el-cheapo Ultrafire WF-501 host :-)
    For the rest, all my (LED) lights are white or warm white (preferred).
    And I remember having an old incandescent light, on such a flat 4.5V battery, which has a kind of "sliders" with filters in red and green. This works flawlessly with incandescent bulbs (having a wide spectrum of light) but is a disaster with white LEDs. You just cannot turn the light of a white LED into deep red or a good green. That simply doesn't work...

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    I like green for stealth. Red second.
    John 3:16

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