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Thread: [Review] LUMINTOP FW21 Pro - vs MS03, EC03, E07

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    Default [Review] LUMINTOP FW21 Pro - vs MS03, EC03, E07

    Brighter than the MS03W? Throws further than the EC03? Smaller than the E07? What's with the Chopper?

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    Default Re: [Review] LUMINTOP FW21 Pro - vs MS03, EC03, E07

    Excellent video review and comparison as always. This one notched up in technically intricacy as well.

    One aspect that the comparison shots highlighted was the effect of color temperatures and/or flood vs throw on back-scatter. The MS03 with the 5000K and XHP70 emitter, appeared to produced less backscatter from the night mist than the 6500K XHP50's (see on video at 9min53sec).

    The helicopter was probably responding to strange lights on the ground
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    Default Re: [Review] LUMINTOP FW21 Pro - vs MS03, EC03, E07

    Thanks for your detailed and comprehensive review. Your comparative video beamshots are extremely valuable.

    I got three of these, to make gifts of two of them to friends, after advising them to be very cautious about upper mode levels.

    The one for me: I had to have it, because it is a must have for people who love single cell pocket rockets. The FW21Pro is a must have for people who like the FW series. Rear electronic switch is nice variety from tail clicky, and side electronic, too.

    It used to be: "Who can make me a triple 50.2 single cell light?"

    Now it's: "I gotta have all umpteen of them!"

    My single-cell screamer collection:

    23. Nitecore TM9KVn, 21700, 9 x stock XP-L2

    24. Nightwatch NSX3vn, 21700, Stock 3 x XHP 50.2

    25. Nitecore E4K vn, 21700, Factory 4 x XP-L.

    26. Emisar D4V2 vn, 18650, quad W2.

    27. Lumintop FW3Avn triple W2.1, 18650

    28. Lumintop FW4Avn, quad W2, throw optic. 18650.

    29, 30 and 31: Three Lumintop 21a Pro Vn, single 21700, triple XHP50.2.

    32, 33: Two Imalent MS03, triple XHP70.2. Single Imalent 21700 protected usb-c, or 40T with large solder blob.

    34. Mateminco MT07 vn 7 x W2. 26650.

    35, 36, 37: Three Astrolux ED03 (Mateminco?/Sofirn?) 21700, 3 x 2XHP50.2

    38. Noctigon KR1vn SBT90 DL single 18650.
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