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Thread: Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

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    Don't know about the westinghouse AA's, but I have a few of the westinghouse 18650's that I got super cheap on clearance at the end of the season a few years back, they seem to be fairly typical low cost unproctected 2000mAh nominal cells - should be fine for yard lights and other applications where you don't need a protected cell or really high performance. I sometimes use them in my ML25's, though it is best to use protected cells for this.
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    I had considered buying some of the 18650's for my 3 cell incan ML25 with 4 cell bulb but since I rarely use it and have a half dozen yard light batteries for that one already……
    At one point I was using that type of battery and 5 cell bulbs in various 2C flashlights but kinda lost interest in obtaining more vintage flashlights but it is kinda cool to have a 7D bright output coming from a 1950's baby cop light.

    It's kinda strange how I grew up with light bulb'd flashlights and never once considered "today the bulb might blow", but nowdays when I opt for an incan flashlight I always consider which bulb is in it and where did I stash the spares. I used a 2aa minimag for years with the factory bulb. I finally had to change it when I dropped it in a pond in really cold water and the bulb blew. But even now it still uses the spare that was in the tailcap. It burns pretty dull compared to an incan one with only a few minutes use. Don't know what has gotten coroded over time but it definitely does not burn as brightly anymore.
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    It's always fun to run a big cell bulb in a smaller cell light. I have a 2D Mag set up to run a 6 cell bulb on 6 eneloops in a couple of 3 AA to D cell series adapters and a 3C xenon Mag that I can run a 6 cell xenon bulb in with a pair of protected 18650's or 21700's. Back in the day, I used to run a 6 cell bulbed 2C Mag on 3 CR123A's.

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    I have a 2c outfitted with 2 lifepo 18500's using a TL2 bulb in it. I prefer the 2c Kel-Lite with same batteries using a 4 cell Maglite PR xenon bulb but the Maglite is pretty sweet.
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    My local Lowes store has Maglite products again. After not seeing a single Maglite product in my local Lowes store for oh I dunno 3? 4? years? they had XL50's and Solitaires at the checkout counter. Now this particular Lowes does not have a "flashlight section" like a lot of stores but instead places various brands in various locations along one main artery aisle that leads to the aisles with screws or lamps or paint. So as you stroll past the cash registers you see Craftsman flashlights, you get near the auto tools and see Kobalt flashlights and an occasional Rayovac or Energizer display here and there. Lux Pro were over by the kitchen area. So there may have been a Maglite display somewhere that I didn't see.
    But it was nice to see some Maglite products at Lowes again.
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