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Thread: Jetbeam TCR-21 doesn’t turn on

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    Default Jetbeam TCR-21 doesn’t turn on

    What’s going on people! Just got a excellent looking condition TCR-21. It was from eBay and it came with jetbeam black box and papers with a sure fire Cr123 battery in it. I don’t know if it’s me but it doesn’t turn on. It has the twisty rapid response ring to turn on. I took out the battery put in a new stream light CR 123 and it doesn’t turn on. Any suggestions?
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    1: Check the battery with either a multimeter or in another light. Ensure it is the proper voltage. Anything under 2.5 volts likely won't light it at all.

    2: Check all contact surfaces and make sure they are clean and make a solid contact where needed.

    Anything else is just guesswork. It could be that you received a non-working light. Maybe use a small neodymium magnet along the switch ring to see if you get anything to happen.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I figured it out. On the Tcr-20/21 you have to twist the triangle metal piece on the tail end in a counterclockwise position first to turn it on. As for brightness, you just twist the magnetic ring.

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