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Thread: I Updated My NUBM44-V2/81 7W+ Blue Laser!

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    Default I Updated My NUBM44-V2/81 7W+ Blue Laser!

    I Updated My NUBM44-V2/81 7W+ Blue Laser with a large copper heat sink made by lifetime17 a while back, it works great and looks much better!

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    Default Re: I Updated My NUBM44-V2/81 7W+ Blue Laser!

    awesome, did you post these on LPF? You should!
    Looks like a BE from sanwu?
    Is it using a G2 lens or something else like G8? If that is a sanwu BE, does that BE only work with the G2? The reason I ask is because DTR now has a G8 lens which seems like a better lens than the G2 and if the BE works on a G8, that would be great.
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