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Thread: Dog walking and coyotes

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    Let us not forget in central New York we have been seeing coyote wolf hybrids are starting to appear. I saw my first one 3 years ago and they are as big as a German shepherd. I would not want to run into one without some form of protection.
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    Animals don't understand the concept of a flashlight and the only thing they notice is that it's light. They have no idea that it's you lighting them up and therefore are completely unconcerned.
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    Default Dog walking and coyotes

    Fellow Californian here- A great flashlight for walking a dog or just a walk- Pelican 5050r or their older 2380r. Itís USB rechargeable, tough, rugged and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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    OP- Also buy a can of pepper spray (OC) in addition to a flashlight. Itís better than nothing at all.

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