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Thread: Shouldn't this be brighter than the UDR dominator?

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    Default Re: Shouldn't this be brighter than the UDR dominator?

    I attache the UDR to the saddle on my Horse. So it is no big deal. It is not like I am carrying it urban. Like I said, not only would I rather use it but it often works better than a shotgun. On a Bear. If someone was wondering, some of our Horses are highly trained.

    I cannot find this K75. It is a Fenix? I thought it was an Acebeam but apparently it is not. Could someone please let me know what brand it is? I want to get one.

    I got it. It is an Acebeam. $329 with Panasonic batteries. I will use it intensively for 3 months to test it's durability before I decide if I feel that I can count on it. Of course I will still carry the Surefire. If it gets as hot as a Hanko on turbo I would consider it no good. I am not uncomfortable with the heat but I feel the light just might be.
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    Default Re: Shouldn't this be brighter than the UDR dominator?

    Astrolux MF05! You can only get it from stores in China though. I am not giving $650 to a store in China via Paypal. Plus 3800 Meters is a bit of overkill once you factor in the size, heat and fans. Might as well get a spotlight. In fact it comes with a spotlight bracket. Some things are not what they are cracked up to be when you look at the big picture. That is a huge flashlight. If you can even call it that.

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    Default Re: Shouldn't this be brighter than the UDR dominator?

    I started another thread, bad idea. Hopefully anyone has an opinion on this. The Imalent RT70 Vs. The SF UDR? The RT70 is certainly more convenient. Something is telling me $190 Chinese to $1370.00 American? The RT70 might be too good to be true? I do like the rotary UI but difficult to use with gloves. RT70 half the size and easy in light charging. It is either total BS or great sliced cake? Anyone care to answer? Thank you

    I got the K75 for my big thrower. I just wondered if I could grab the RT70 and leave the UDR home? My life often counts on this. People have told me I have been lucky with SF. They say their reliability is pretty poor? If that is really true then the RT70 might actually be fair game. I have no clue. I really need advice if I should leave behind the UDR? I am not very comfortable with that. It does look very promising. I just do not want to get myself killed over a flashlight. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you again!

    Edit: well I guess I lost the audience on this. Or I was a huge pest. Not sure which. I personally am not comfortable with $190 of Chinese replacing $1370.00 of American. Regardless of what it may be. I mean no insult to Chinese whatsoever. They are just not there yet. I do however think they are outstanding for the money. The K75 is great. In fact I do not think there is an American counterpart.

    >>You know what? I had to do it. I got an RT70. However I did not wait 90 day's from Imalent. I know The very top management at Amazon. Yes, even him. So I got it the same day. Read my review as soon as they post it. You will know it is me I am very pleased with this. If you do not have $1400.00 do not fret. For a mere $190 indeed this can "sort" of replace the UDR. It comes darn close to my amazement. Barring it's quick failure this is worth every single penny of $190. On the other hand I would say at $1400 the UDR is nearly overpriced. This really impressed me. It throws even further than the UDR and it has 5x the spill. Plus the magnetic charging in the body is fast and nice. I give this a thumbs up. The k75 and Mf05 Which I have also obtained are "specialty lights". Just search lights for instance First Responders. The heads are much too large. The RT70 is the best balance of brightness to size there is. Otherwise it quickly gets too large. The joke is it is actually more powerful on a standard Cree and much smaller than the UDR! The UDR has a highly exotic emitter. However it is a few years old. A regular Cree has already surpassed it. Trust me. Unless you are a Fire Department Try the Imalent. I really like it. Plus I can use the switch with a glove. The rotary dial is pretty difficult with a glove. All in all I am impressed. I really thought i would think it was junk. I guess the Chinese Caught up.

    I have to edit this again. Price independent the Dominator is still the better light. I do not read manuals, especially in chinese. So I did not know this until I found out. I already knew the UDR runs full power for 2 minutes then steps down to 50% with heat management. The RT70 runs full power 8 minutes then steps down 15% with heat management. Plus as i noted the RT70 puts out more light to begin with. In a smaller package yet. Nonetheless, it is just not the quality of the Surefire. If cost is an object the RT70 is obviously the better light. If cost is not an object get the Dominator. The Dominator is really for fire departments and such. I carry one because it is a very serious tool to me. Not everyone is in my position. I oversee thousands of perilous Acres. I actually got the Astrolux MF05 but I cannot really carry that on my horse. It is good to see what is going on from my cabin. It is absolutely huge.

    Game over! The Imalent RT70 upon actual test only throws about 500 Meters. Oh well. Happy Chinese New Year!
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    Default Re: Shouldn't this be brighter than the UDR dominator?

    I figure I would bump this for the above or no one would ever see it. If you are not interested please kindly disregard. The point is the very last paragraph in the last post. >>.
    I do not mean to start a flame war either. It is a very good flashlight. It is not a $1400.00 flashlight.

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