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Thread: Withdrawn: Smiths PRS-29a

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    Default Withdrawn: Smiths PRS-29a

    Timefactors Smiths PRS-29a

    2018 model, sapphire crystal and drilled lugs.
    36mm, 18mm lugs, wr 10atm, used and worn condition. Great alternative to using a W10 field watch.

    ETA 2801 handwound movement.

    Runs around +3-5 per day when not worn, -5-7 when worn per day.

    Comes with two grey CWC NATOs, one Maratac brown NATO and a grey perlon strap.

    Price is *Withdrawn* $350 paypal please, shipped via usps priority. (Would prefer USA domestic buyers at this time)
    Not interested in trades at this time.

    Thanks for checking out my sales thread!




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