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Thread: CLOSED: WTB: ARC LS or ARC 6

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    Default CLOSED: WTB: ARC LS or ARC 6

    Iíve found one! Thanks everyone who messaged me with responses! I love our community here (even though I donít post a lot, Iíve lurked since the early 2000s).

    Looking for any Arc LS (L or H, P or standard) or Arc 6 with unguarded sleeve.

    Willing to be a reasonable price considering led technology, age, and collectibility.

    This will be a user, so ďnewĒ condition isnít required, but good condition is preferred.

    I would consider trade as well: Iíve got a Frelux Synergy 2 in Dark Grey Iíd be willing to considering trading.

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    Default Re: WTB: ARC LS or ARC 6

    "You've Got Mail".

    Multiple mails actually, sorry. I got timed out and the resends got mangled.
    "may you live light and phosphor" - Mr. Spark

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