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Thread: New Arrival from Aus

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    Default New Arrival from Aus

    Hi all,

    Been lurking the forum for a bit, couple of months or so, having stumbled across it after finally getting sick of $3 special torches failing on me. Was a little dubious of signing up to begin with as that looked like it could become expensive in the long term, and I was only really intending to replace the light I keep in the car...

    ...but, you know, I could use something other than my phone for around the house and daily use as well, so might as pick up a second one of those...
    ...and, now I think about it, back in the cadets days I always found having a red light useful...
    ...and a headlamp...
    ...and I was going to chuck that cheap light in the other car, but I'd really prefer something better...
    ...and people keep saying good stuff about this Surefire mob. I wonder what that's about...

    Long story short, since this looks like it could become a problem anyway, I figured I might as well at least be able to commiserate with others about poor life decisions and worse financial planning. Best case scenario I might even manage to contribute something useful to the discussion, but that's not always guaranteed. Worst case I'll learn something as others correct me.

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    Default Re: New Arrival from Aus

    Its not a bad spot to pick up a bit of knowledge.
    Welcome from the Covid19 lockdown state.


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    Default Re: New Arrival from Aus

    Quote Originally Posted by harro View Post

    Its not a bad spot to pick up a bit of knowledge.
    Welcome from the Covid19 lockdown state.

    Well, got to keep all you infectious Southerners contained somehow. :P I'm up in Brisbane, but was DIDO to a project in Northern NSW, which the hard closure to anything south of the Queensland border made the logistics of... interesting.

    Thanks for the welcome, I'm definitely looking forward to learning a lot here.

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