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Thread: Battery discharge rate and heat

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    I picked up a Zebralight SC600fd Mk IV plus and a Sanyo NCR18650GA at the same time, also from Zebralight. The light is great and we use it for night walks. But on level H2 (1032 lm), it was too hot to hold after a few minutes. The next night I set it to H3 (557 lm) and it was much better, but still hotter than I would like. The Sanyo battery is an IMR with a discharge rate of 10A. Am I correct that if I picked a battery with a higher discharge rate, that it would stay cooler? My limited understanding of this makes me think I am correct, but wanted to confirm it with the knowledgeable people her.

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    Yup, a battery rated for high discharge will be much better suited, it`s also worth a mention as something that I recently found out, the battery terminal Springs themselves can get hot too! a simple wire bypass stops this from happening though.

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