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Thread: WTS: Malkoff M61HO219 Worldwide shipping

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    Default WTS: Malkoff M61HO219 Worldwide shipping

    Malkoff M61HO219. Used maybe 15 minutes, bought direct from Malkoff some years ago.

    Very nice warm, natural colour tint, no blueish, yeallowish, greenish ect..

    $70 shipped Worldwide registered mail. Will post everywhere.

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    Default Re: WTS: Malkoff M61HO219 Worldwide shipping

    what is the difference of the HO over the regular one?

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    HO states for high output, well not sure I have many Malkoff units, I have M61 and M61W but they both have a bit more throw so it is hard to compare if it's stronger, but for sure not weaker, I think 219 is specific led type, Nicha it was called or something like that. I'm really not an expert and I was out of the market for few years. There were M61HO and M61SHO which were simply stronger than regular M61 but M61HO219 is a diffrent animal. I think this 219 has very natural colour rendering. My M61W for example is yelowish. Maybe someone with more knolwedge can say.

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    If memory serves this is just a stronger version of the M61 219. All the 219 put out less output then the standard M61’s. I think the 219 M61 were 300-320 lumens or so. This should be a bit more but with the tint of the 219. It’s not as bright as the standard M61 but you get “in some options “ a better tint.
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    Just did some comparisions with M61 and M61W. It is quite similar in the power. Both M61 and M61W have more visible central hot spot. The M61HO219 is more even, the central hot spot is not so evident, still it is detectable and it may even seem slightly smaller but it is not so obvious. The good thing is the area outside of central hot spot is lighten up better. Where it wins with both clearly is a colour tint. It is warm but very neutral, so the colours are reproduced perfectly like in day light. M61 is white but greenish, M61W is warm but yeallowish. Both gives the unnatural colours.

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