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Thread: Question on 'Portable Power Stations' - solar chargeable

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    Default Question on 'Portable Power Stations' - solar chargeable

    Ok. So I am looking on putting together a portable travel / emergency power station to be able to recharge and run various small electronics. I want to be able to charge it from small travel solar panels (but also from the wall...and if possible from other sources such as large solar panels, DC output from a car, direct connections (+ and - cables) to batteries and such, etc. (I know the following linked item only charges from solar / the wall)

    Am I going to be better off buying something like this:

    Or should I put something together on my own?

    Is there a controller that I can plug the travel solar panel I already have (USB output) into that will allow me to plug the personal power banks I already have into it to charge from? IE, basically the above but without the battery banks built in and dependent on external battery banks? Doing this will allow me to replace individual components if they go bad (controller, battery banks, etc.)

    Should I keep the components separate, or should I put together some kind of case to mount them all into?

    School me on such subjects please.

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    Default Re: Question on 'Portable Power Stations' - solar chargeable

    Remember to minus off 20% of rated capacity as you will not want to go below 80% of Depth of Discharge, so the 240 Watt Hours is really 192. Based on the 14.4 Volt system they cite, it's most likely a 4 in-Series LiFeP04 chemistry battery, which, in my opinion is the best of the Lithium chemistries. Thousands of charge cycles, almost no self discharge - good for long periods of storage without loss of charge, relatively safe in that there's no Rapid Venting with Flame, and reasonably light weight. Good that it's Pure Sine Wave and compatible with their solar panels. AC charger and DC charger capability too. Looks like a good unit if the capacity works for you. Cost is reasonable, too. I like the all-in-one concept vs separate items. Looks like there are larger capacity units too.
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