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Thread: Nichia c vs Nichia b

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    Default Nichia c vs Nichia b

    Hi everybody,
    I really like my Nichia b (4500K and 4000K high cri) flashlights. Kind of rosy sometimes, which I like, and whites are more obvious vs my Zebralight (4000K high cri). Is the Nichia c (4000K 92 cri) basically the same, relatively yellow, higher output, etc, compared to the b's? I find the Nichia c (5000K, 92 cri) kind of stark/ghostly looking sometimes. Gracias.

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    The 219c is pretty good, but I think most will say that it is no 219b when it comes to color rendering and tint. It is capable of higher output, so for some it's a good tradeoff. If tint and color rendering is your number one priority, then 219b is it. Although, I've heard that their Optisolis line and their E21a is even better than 219b and considered the ultimate, but it has limited applications.
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    Default Re: Nichia c vs Nichia b

    C for me. B looks like shopping mall parking lot lights to my eyes.
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    Default Re: Nichia c vs Nichia b

    Thanks for the input!

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    Default Re: Nichia c vs Nichia b

    Here my opinions about 219B 4000K 9080 and 219C SM403 4000K (available @Virence):

    The 219B is kind of rosy. But the beam itself is in color 100% homogen. I did not have any difference of color in the inner and outer beam. For me it is the best 4000K LED.

    The 219C has a color difference in the beam of the inner and outer beam. The beam is not rosy, it is more "yellowish". The inner beam is a little bit cooler in color than the outer, if I remember correctly.

    Only for additional explanation, for the compare I refer to two HDS Rotary with this LED, therefore different reflector or other stuff does not really count. It is really a 1:1 compare.

    I definately prefer the 219B.
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    Default Re: Nichia c vs Nichia b

    Agree with WoL. For me, 219B is the standard to which other emitters are compared.
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