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Thread: Still sck as beginener

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    Default Still sck as beginener

    Some time ago, my username appeared to have died. I never got anywhere trying to get it to work again, so I contacted Admin using a new username. I cannot remember if I had any reply.

    Now I am stuck with the new user name. I am sure I have posted, or at least tried to post, several posts. I cannot even access my own profile to find out. Every time I try to post, my post says it will be animated, but AFAICs, it just disappears. I get no replies, of course and I seem to remain as a person who has to input a check entry and who has to be administered.

    What is happening, please?

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    Default Re: Still sck as beginener

    You posted a year ago HERE. I advised you then what to do. I never heard from you.

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