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Thread: IMALENT UT10 Pistol light

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    Default IMALENT UT10 Pistol light

    The next new product to be released IMALENT UT10 pistol light

    The UT10 pistol light helps you properly identify targets without taking away from your ability to take a shot.
    Those who do a lot of night choosing can find that it helps you assess what you’re up against and make it simple to take a great shot when the time arises.
    UT10 PL makes sure that you hit the target 10 out of 10 times. Obviously, no matter how good you are at shooting, when your target is not properly visible,
    it becomes harder and harder to aim at it and shoot to perfection.

    The PL are the flashlights used in combination with different firearms for helping with low-light target identification.
    They allow police, military, and security guards to simultaneously aim their weapons and also illuminate their targets ensuring optimum results.

    Learn more: https://www.imalentstore.com/blogs/n...0-pistol-light

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