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Thread: Looking for lightweight headlamp

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    Default Looking for lightweight headlamp

    I wear a hardhat at work and have a Thrunite TH20 mounted to it. I really like the light but it does make my hat noticeably heavier. Are there any other good headlamps that are lighter? I don't need extreme brightness or run-time because I always have a flashlight with me as well.


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    Default Re: Looking for lightweight headlamp

    A couiple of ideas -

    - Since the TH20 also runs off of 14500. Lithium ION's are a couple of grams lighter than NiMH.
    - If you want to stick with AA, the Manker E03H and Acebeam H40 both weigh a couple of grams less than the TH20.
    - Otherwise, switching battery formats to a smaller AAA (the Manker E02H is nice) would be a change that could cut weight in half.
    - I notice that Thrunite has a new 18350 model TH1 which is also a couple of grams less.

    FWIW, one thing I've noticed is the difference balanced weighting makes. I've used headlamps with a separate battery pack (on back of headband) that "feel" less heavy because the batteries in back offset the lamp weight in front.
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    I just ordered a Manker E02H with the nichia 219C. Should be significantly lighter. Thanks for the info.

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    Zebralight makes the lightest and most capable headlamps currently...IMO. The lightest part is not just my opinion. Their 18650 lights are the most compact of the big name lights and weigh 38 grams (1.3oz). Almost exactly 3oz with battery.

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    Have you tried running an L91 battery?

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    Lightweight and doesn't have to be super bright? I like the Nitecore HA 23.

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