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Thread: Recommendations for decent $3 AA flashlights?

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    Default Recommendations for decent $3 AA flashlights?

    So I typically offer cheap LED flashlights along with candy for my Halloween basket:

    They're always a great hit with both parents and kids, especially when running around in the dark and so near to the end of daylight savings. I've tried several kinds, but since 2013 I keep on coming back to cheap knurled aluminum ones with Cree LEDs sold under various brands for $3 or a bit less. Impressed with their value and others in the same price range I always found to be weaker or cast light unevenly.

    Was about to order more of the same for this year, but would hopefully like to upgrade if that's possible within the same price range. Would also preferably be just 2-mode (high and lowno strobe), have fewer sharp edges, and a small wrist strap instead of a clip.

    Any ones I should be looking at?

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    Default Re: Recommendations for decent $3 AA flashlights?

    Not sure you can really do better in that category. I’d consider something like the fauxton myself. Small, cheap, not too bright. Great for kids toys.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for decent $3 AA flashlights?

    You can’t beat the sipiks (and all the clones) in that price range. They are decent tough little lights. Kids will love the zoomie feature. I’ve given out dozens of them myself. Will follow this thread.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for decent $3 AA flashlights?

    This location is fine, but if OP would prefer either "Recommend" or "Budget" subforum later or eventually, just let staff know.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for decent $3 AA flashlights?

    I have several cheap 1AA flashlight I got off Ebay.
    I have zoomies, optical lipstick lights, and combo lights with COB floods.
    The problem with the zoomies is most have "next mode" memory which is IMO.. a deal breaker unless you go through the process to "fix" it which is a hassle but doable for common tinkerers.
    I think the lipstick color optical lights would be good although output is not as "fun" as a zoomie and tints vary some they are one mode and come in about 4 or so colors and should be cheapest if you can find them. They come with a strap that isn't wrist size but a few finger size.
    I like the COB types I have one with a zoomie also which doesn't quite fully zoom but it interesting.
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